Since late 2003, I write a monthly column for an on-line newsletter, the Venice Vanguard. "Venice Firsts" is the title, and each topic reviews another "first" aspect from Venice California's unique, 100-year-old history. Here they are, in order of appearance.

venice firsts

Chaplin's Little Tramp
The Shelby Cobra
The Cult of the Mufflermen
Galerie Nico
The Circus Comes to Town!
Venice in the Springtime, 1913
The First Waves of Venice Surfing
Ince Airfield
Gold's Gym
Back to School: A Canal Primer
Racing in the Teens, Pt. 1
Racing in Venice, Pt. 2
Discovery of Oil
St. Marks Island, Burbank Park, Cosmos Point
Rollerskating Craze
The Venice Breakwater
The Swim Suit Saga
Helter Skelter in Venice
Wild Women of Venice
Nettie Bouck
Human Flies Abound
Harry Partch
Marathon to Venice
The Canals in Film
Swing Time in Venice
Boys with Toys
Anyone for Tennis?
Windward Park
Transportation Along the Boardwalk
The Very First House in Venice
The Streets of Venice
Over and Under Windward
Where Do You Wanna Eat?
Of Whales and Men
Cetaceans Galore
No Foolin’ the Venice Vulture
Gambling In Venice
Miscellaneous stuff from the Venice junk drawer
Movie Theaters of Venice
Walkstreet History
A Venice First Being Last
Helping save the California Least Tern
Venice Under Water
Missing Architecture
Way Off Track
A Venice Victory
The Venice Canal Festivals
A Walk Down the Boardwalk
The Venice Progressive Dining Association
Literary Venice Fiction
Going South...
LAPD Beach Riot
My Partying in Venice
Venice Yesterday & Today
A True Venice Location
Hound Dog in Venice
How the bikepath changed Venice
Another [crazy] man from Venice
A Memorable Dinner In Venice
Venice's Boardwalk
Hidden Venice Beach: A Walking Tour